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Background Check Initiative

Organizations like BBSA must comply with House Bill 435/Act 153 Certification of Clearances for Volunteers. It is highly recommended that you fulfill those requirements if you have not yet done so.

Compliance with HB 435 consists of each manager and coach obtaining:

  • "Child Abuse Clearance"
  • "Criminal History Record"

Any parent that participates in practices or games must have this clearance. If you currently have the above certifications for your employment, please send scanned copies of the certifications to All documents will be kept confidential.

Option 1: Free Volunteer Clearance

To get your PA criminal history for free, follow the instructions at the PATCH website: Be sure to click the yellow button for New Record Check (Volunteer Only).

To get your PA Child Abuse Clearance for free, follow the instructions at PA's Child Welfare Portal: Again, be sure to follow the instructions for the free volunteer clearance.

Option 2: BBSA/Averity Clearance - $20 Cost

To use the BBSA/Averity background check process, use the following link. You must have a Social Security number, valid driver's license, and valid credit card to cover the $20 application fee. All information will be kept confidential, and in no way will BBSA release any background information to parents, players, other coaches, etc. Any Manager/Coach that receives a "pass" grade will be cleared for five (5) years. Any Manager/Coach that receives a "fail" grade may request to see his/her background check information.

Protect Youth Sports - BBSA Background Screen Portal

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