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A BBA Parent Should...

  1. Support your boys and girls by your interest, encouragement, and by supplementing practice time at home.
  2. Support the manager by coaching and aiding with on-field activities
  3. Support your team by taking the responsibility of leading a team project or task as defined by the manager
  4. Support your association by leading or participating in one of the projects or accepting the responsibilities of a commissioner or an assistant
  5. Submit recommendations on association projects and problems to the Executive Officers and Board and provides support for project implementation
  6. Refrain from the use and influence of alcoholic beverages while in contact with the team and while within the limits of the playing fields. Parents are requested to refrain from smoking while in contact with the team.
  7. Promote association and league communication among all teams within individual leagues
  8. Promote the association internally and externally among the community and other associations
  9. Support your team by accepting the responsibilities of Team Mother or Team Father

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