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Manager's Pledge

All managers are requested to review the pledge. Please understand that any violation of the Manager's Pledge, as determined by the BBA officers and commissioners, can result in suspension and/or dismissal from all coaching duties.

We, as coaches for the Bauerstown Baseball and Softball Association, pledge compliance with the following policies and principles:
  1. I agree that Proper Communication between Managers, Parents and Players is crucial to our success.
  2. I will attend all monthly meetings to assure proper communication is being carried out to Parents and Players. If I cannot attend, a coach will be present to represent our team.
  3. I will conduct the affairs of my assigned team in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of sportsmanship and fair play.
  4. I will be fair with our players. Try to give equal playing time to all players so they may have a chance to learn and develop.
  5. I will have the fields ready to play at least 15 minutes before game time. If I cannot arrive in time I will assign a person from my team to do it for me.
  6. I will notify all umpires if a game is cancelled. Failing to do so will result in BBA paying for � of the umpire fees. Also I will notify my players, parents and opponent's Manager when a game is cancelled. I will reschedule with the league ASAP!
  7. I will keep my parents and fans under control. If I have a problem, I will report the problem to my respective commissioner. The commissioner will then report the incident to the officers for review. Corrective action will take place if necessary.
  8. As manager, I am responsible for my fields along with the team parents. I will make sure all bases are put away and gang boxes are locked. Check the bathrooms and pole barns also to make sure they are locked if I am the last manager there. I will keep the Gang Boxes neat and organized.
  9. I agree that my coaches and myself will not abuse, either verbally or physically, any player, parent or official in conducting our coaching duties.
  10. Through the help of BBA, I will be aware of and learn sports safety such as, how to prevent common injuries, how to recognize symptoms of potentially dangerous conditions, and how to respond in emergency situations.

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