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Bauerstown Baseball and Softball 2018!

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As fans and parents, it’s the little things that excite about youth baseball and softball. The crack of the bat, the last inning heroics, the cheers of the crowd, and the team unity.

As a coach for the past 6 years, I have seen all the above and try to enjoy every moment of it. As the kids get older these “little” things are what we will miss, yet we just don’t know it yet. Our lives are all full of schedules and to-do lists. We take for granted those little things, until we no longer have them anymore. I feel no greater joy then seeing a player who has never hit the ball off a live pitcher, finally build the courage to swing and connect. The excitement in their face makes everything we do worth every second we spend helping them get to that point.

As times have changed, things have become more difficult. Families working 2-3 jobs while trying to make sure their child makes it to practice or a game, multiple school events and sports going on at the same time, and the big push of travel ball on all of youth sports. It has changed the dynamics of community sports as well as time we can spend with our children.

As a father, and coach, I offer to all the families a little advice. Enjoy these times and people at Bauerstown. My family and I have made friendships that we know will be lifelong. We enjoy cheering on all the of kids at all age groups, because once you are Bauerstown, you are “Family”. Enjoy those “little” things. They go by fast and you never know when the last one will happen. Lend a hand when you can. It helps the overall feel and look of the complex for the kids.

Bauerstown continues to be a wonderful place for the kids of our community. It’s not just about winning or losing a game. It’s about SO much more than that. It’s about showing how strong a community can be, and how we can help all of our youth today.

Thank you,
Nate Ferree

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