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Youth athletes, ages 14 and under, are at risk because many coaches are parent volunteers, who have not received adequate sports safety education. Beginning this year at BBA our managers are required to take a Sports Safety course provided by the National Center for Sports Safety. The PREPARE course will not only make our athletes safer, it will benefit Bauerstown as a whole. By being proactive and more knowledgeable, our coaches, staff and volunteers will be more equipped to avoid preventable injuries, which can reduce risk. Bauerstown pays for all managers to take the course. If you are not a manager but want to take the course, it is available through this link also.

Articles from the National Center for Sports Safety

Creating a Safe Playing Environment for Your Athletes
Author: NCSS Information Team

Developing an Emergency Action Plan
Author: NCSS Information Team

Safety Checklist: For the Coach
Author: NCSS Information Team

Safety Checklist: For the Parent
Author: NCSS Information Team

Bauerstown Safe Bases Initiative

This year at BBA we have installed new bases designed to reduce the risk of leg and ankle injury as well as injuries as a result of collisions.

Impact Double First Base

A great way to reduce collisions and injuries at first base. Fielders and base runners each get their own base one white, one bright orange for easy distinction.

Hollywood Impact Base

Designed to fold in on impact. Using the Hollywood Impact Base significantly reduced the frequency of sliding and base-running injuries.

Bauerstown Protective Gear Initiative

At each appropriate age levels we have provided additional safety apparel and keep an inventory of these items in our concession stand for parents who want to purchase there own item instead of using the team version.

Game Face Protection for Fast Pitch Pitchers and corner infielders

Statistics show fielders are a greater risk for facial injuries than batters. Four times as many fielders than batters receive facial injuries.

The importance of mouthguards

To protect the mouth and teeth from serious injury, a mouthguard, usually a flexible piece of plastic that fits into the mouth, should be worn during all recreational and athletic activities - especially activities where there is contact or potential contact with another person, piece of equipment, or the ground.

Heart Guard Chest Protectors

For fielding and batting

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